Flexpeople4u B.V consists of a Front and Back Office, and our full-of-enthusiasm employees are there of course..... 4 U !:)



The combination of knowledge, practical thinking and entrepreneurs with an unique approach to work and new challenges is what leads you to the successful NEN 4400-1

certified employment agency in Heerhugowaard.


In our database, we have a large ‘pool’ of motivated candidates, from various countries including Poland.

For the recruitment and selection of suitable people, we also make use of our office,

AFZ Group Sp. z o.o., located in Gdansk.


Thinking in solutions !

Due to new legal provisions and regulations, more and more companies are deciding to co-operate with employment agencies in order to reduce risk and the time devoted to administrative matters.

Clients receive specific solutions thanks to our own Flexportal and the accommodation that we offer to our employees. Concise and clear communication, comfort and simplicity are our key-words.


Our goal is not to become the biggest, but to remain the best.

Systematic growth is our company’s ambition.

That’s why we invest in new systems and the right people.

What makes our company successful?

  • We place strong emphasis on appropriate strategy

  • We always commit ourselves to cooperation with the client

  • We are ambitious and conduct active selling

  • We act quickly and adjust ourselves to the client’s needs

  • We are organised in a compact and efficient manner

  • We are innovative

  • We stimulate our employees through training, good communication and management style